Block Cycle Trading Data

Explore all trade options across cycles with customizable methods.

BullionV enables you to perform trades easily through providing the manual and automatic trade types. Our traders are committed to choosing any available trade block to begin trade.

Each trade type and quota determines the expected trade volume. This helps to maximise profit and ensure that even sub unit of trade yields some returns to the trader.


Our Trade Blocks

When you start a trade, fractions of your trade volume are spread into available blocks to reduce risks.

How Trade Works

BullionV offers different binary trading options for all levels of trades. Each trade is split across different binary offers to ensure that trade capacity is maximised for each trader. Once a trade is recorded as profit and settled, the trade information is stored in the history and profit is added to the trader's balance. In a case of loss, the trade account account enters the next available trade block with some part of available funds and keeps repeating this cycle till profit.